Jet Lag

It isn’t the 12 hour lag time

the lack of sleep or the coffee headaches

and the dry bathroom makes little difference

It’s the sensory deprivation that gets me

and no chili hot enough

It’s the push and pull on every level

where am i supposed to be

isn’t anymore a question in the mind

but in eyes and ears, on tongue and skin

I’m used to carrying around a broken heart

and even, often, a foggy brain

that’s not quite here and now, but

this longing every few years is hard to take

too hard

and always unexpected

everything rebels

i made a choice doesn’t quite cut it

a bed I must lie on

is all very well

but i can’t go on right now

can’t bear to open my eyes to the grey sky

the clean roads

to smell the nothing anywhere

the quiet I pay so much for

thunders and howls


It’s the images that drag

down into some terrifying core

people and buildings and

fast traffic

jammed autos, vertigo

as if the world moves faster there

and here I am stopped

like a lonely lover

its easier to cut off the flow

but its going to take some time


There’s npr (thank god)

as I drive into the sun on the

Garden State Parkway

and Adele singing of limitless love


I want to put my feet on the ground but

the earth moves too fast

time zones shift and

not flying or running or standing or sleeping

or floating or sitting

because these are all relative to something else

i cannot.



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